Article 176. i can deny all the texts because they were all jokes, me and my friends always joke and pretend like we are dealers because we think its funny. When the police are investigating a crime, they have broad authority to collect evidence. The judge with jurisdiction in the place where the deed or omission originated or where its impacts were exerted shall be the competent authority and the following rules of procedures shall be applicable: If you scroll down, youll see some of the activities you mention. we live in nj Dear John:

Youre on the right track. Article 265. Dear Patrick: He said theyre going to hold my phone for at least a month to make sure they delete it completely. The Office of the Attorney for the Defense of the People is an autonomous body of the Judicial Branch, aimed at guaranteeing full and equal access to justice by persons who, because of their situation of defenselessness or economic, social, or cultural status, cannot hire legal defense services for the protection of their rights. Article 125. AsktheJudge. Here on allbestmessages.

The members of the National Electoral Council and the Electoral Dispute Settlement Court shall be subject to impeachment for failure to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities as set forth in the Constitution and in the law. The State shall foster access to financial services and the democratizing of credit. joanell August 3, 8:29 pm count( 242 ) Is it Legal in the State of NJ for a male Officer to go threw my personal property such as my pocket book without prior consent or a female Officer present? Ask your probation officer to review the terms of your diversion program with you so you know what your P. The State shall encourage the creation of organizations for workers and for employers, pursuant to the law; and shall promote the democratic, participatory, transparent operating thereof, with the rotation of leadership. The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, which is an autonomous entity regulated by law, shall be responsible for the provision of the contingencies of the mandatory universal insurance to its affiliates. If theres reasonable cause to believe a crime has been or is being committed, they may take the phone as evidence. The State shall be responsible for: To produce goods, to create and maintain infrastructure, and to provide public services. Dear Jenny:

I really want my stuff back. Within three hundred sixty (360) days as of the entry into force of the present Constitution, the concessions for the public services of water and sanitation shall be audited financially, legally, environmentally and socially. The rulings of the first court can be appealed in a provincial court. The State recognizes and guarantees the right to property in all of its forms, whether public, private, community, State, associative, cooperative or mixedeconomy, and that it must fulfill its social and environmental role.   This software supports variety of smartphones. The protection of contingencies shall be made effective through mandatory universal insurance and its special regimes. The general answer to your question is yes, a trash can outside can be searched as well as a car in the vicinity of your house depending on the particulars of the investigation. Since you have been charged with a crime, talk with your lawyer about this.   Office of the State Prosecutor Article 235. The respective ruling shall be issued within a maximum of fortyfive (45) days; should it not be issued within this period, the ruling shall be taken as favorable. Charges could be filed against you and your friend if the police get involved and believe that some of the texts are illegal and break any of the laws mentioned above. is that leagle?

For the submittal of constitutional amendment proposals, the backing of a number accounting for no less than one percent (1%) of the persons registered in the voter registration list shall be required. The use of discriminatory criteria and instruments affecting peoples privacy, dignity and bodily safety is forbidden. I dont know what. When the police are investigating criminal activity, they have the authority to collect evidence with or without a search warrant. Once you click, its out there forever and cant be taken back. info is a free site and we intend to keep it that way to reach more teens.

Thanks for your help Dear Kayla: Even though I am the account holder they tell me its a breach of privacy to give me those records. Once the bill for the constitutional amendment has been approved, a referendum shall be called within the following fortyfive (45) days. A recent case on the very issue you raise is pending in a Michigan court (Google Leon Walker for the story). If you scroll down, youll see some of the activities you mention. Its planning and development shall be organized on the basis of strict adherence to the principles of conservation of the natural heritage of the State and the good way of living, pursuant to the law. i want to report this to him. ), web browsing history and much more. While most of the spy apps that intercept text messages are in a similar price range, some can be costlier than others. THREE. A superior text message spy, Highster Mobile not only enables a user to retrieve new text messages from any cell phone, it will also extract old and deleted text messages as well.

That doesnt mean all personal property is off limits to law enforcement. Will November 30, 10:46 pm count( 209 ) Dear judge guy,this girl sent me and another guy the same naked picture. Learning shall take place with schooling systems and nonschool modalities. The law governing territorial decentralization of the various levels of government and the system of jurisdictions, which shall incorporate procedures for the calculation and annual distribution of funds that decentralized autonomous governments shall be receiving from the General Budget of the State. One messege even stating he was 1 of the officers from the morning raid the light skin one as he put it. The police are entitled to collect and keep items they believe may be evidence in a case during an investigation and after charges have been filed. The law on communication 5.

He said the woman send that peoples follow him because she want her money back. Can he have access to look through her phone whenever he wants? Every day at lunch and geting people to watch us and take notes? Once this period has elapsed, the Assembly can ratify it in one single debate, with a favorable vote of two thirds of its members, and shall send it immediately to the Official Register for publication. Of course it will also depend on the specific ting, etc. All persons, authorities and institutions are subject to the Constitution.   Physical education and leisure Article 381. Dear Casey: The shares held by legal entities of the financial sector in companies that do not pertain to this sector shall be expropriated within a term of two years as of the entry into force of the present Constitution. It rejects converting disputes with foreign private companies into conflicts between States.

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The structure, functioning and form of membership of their members shall be governed by the principles of rotation of power, democratic participation, inclusion and pluralism. Dear Mayer: Text messages, like all other forms of communication including letter, postcard, email, etc. Citizens will be able to request the call for a referendum on any matter. To carry out its work, the National Assembly shall be governed by the corresponding law and its internal regulations. How can they take a lost phone and completly search through my life when the phone was lost. Dear Matt: To propitiate the creation of Latin American and Caribbean citizenship; the free circulation of persons in the region; the implementation of policies that guarantee human rights of the people living along borders and refugees; and the common protection of Latin American and Caribbean citizens in countries of migratory transit and destination. A public technical body and accreditation and quality assurance of the institutions, career streams, and programs which cannot be comprised of representatives of the institutions that are the target of the regulation. The authorities of the indigenous communities, peoples, and nations shall perform jurisdictional duties, on the basis of their ancestral traditions and their own system of law, within their own territories, with a guarantee for the participation of, and decisionmaking by, women.

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Later on, after they searched the car and patted us down,i said officer may i have my phone? Political parties and movements shall be funded by membership dues paid by their members and followers, and as long as they meet the requirements stipulated by law, the political parties shall receive State allocations subject to monitoring. No one shall be discriminated against for reasons of ethnic belonging, place of birth, age, , gender identity, cultural identity, civil status, language, religion, ideology, political affiliation, legal record, socioeconomic condition, migratory status, ual orientation, health status, HIV carrier, disability, physical difference or any other distinguishing feature, whether personal or collective, temporary or permanent, which might be aimed at or result in the diminishment or annulment of recognition, enjoyment or exercise of rights.

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The theme is a custom one designed specifically for our site. Again, its always possible to be charged with a crime when the police and prosecutor believe that someone has committed an offense. The Council for Public Participation and Social Control, within one hundred twenty (120) days as of its investiture, shall draft a bill for an organic law governing its organization and functioning, which shall be submitted as a proposal to the National Assembly for its consideration. Can i spy an android cell phone from my phone

These sites are not within our control and may not have the same privacy, security or accessibility standards as Peoples United Bank. If you are charged with any crimes from this incident, discuss your concerns with your attorney. we are from scotland in the uk.

The decisions of the Judiciary Council shall be taken by an affirmative vote of five of its members, except for suspensions and dismissals for which a favorable vote of seven of its members shall be required. Will the user of the targeted device know they are being spied on? 15); d) Election of Assembly persons representing nationals living abroad:

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